LONGUS Pocket INCREASER for carrier 7.8L side pockets black 31119 Ft 30%

LONGUS Pocket INCREASER for carrier 7.8L side pockets black

Pocket INCREASER for carrier 7.8L side pockets black Többet olvasni


Delivery date: Tuesday 11.10.2022

31119 Ft Áfá - val Árengedmény

21726 Ft

Import code: 399025

Gyártó: LONGUS

large pocket for a carrier with the possibility of increasing the volume of the side pockets. After being removed from the carrier, thanks to the handle in the upper part, the pocket can also be used as a hand bag. Rubber straps and a mesh pocket on the top lid allow items to be fastened without opening the bag and increase its capacity. To increase the capacity of the pocket, it is also possible to use the side pockets, which can be unfolded after opening and offer extra space for luggage on the sides of the carrier. In addition, the upper lid can be lifted after opening the upper zipper and thus increase the volume of the main storage space. When opened, the upper lid provides convenient access to the main pocket space and enables easy handling of even larger items. The interior is equipped with two mesh pockets, one on the side wall and the other on the top lid. The interior is soft and excellently protects fragile objects such as a camera and also includes a double bottom. Side pockets and a back pocket with a key ring are used to store small items that should be accessible immediately, without having to search in the main compartment. The pendants on the zipper runners greatly facilitate frequent opening and closing. The attachment of the pocket to the carrier is ensured by two sufficiently long Velcro straps. A reflective strip on the back and sides increases visibility in low light conditions. The back of the pocket is also equipped with a belt for fixing the rear light. The pocket is made of durable and tough Polyester 600D, which ensures a long life even with frequent use. The pocket includes a neon yellow rain cover.
Size: 32x14x14/18cm
Volume: approx. 7.8/10L
Weight: 858g.
LONGUS Pocket INCREASER for carrier 7.8L side pockets black
LONGUS Pocket INCREASER for carrier 7.8L side pockets black

21726 Ft


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