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7495 Ft Áfá - val Árengedmény

4506 Ft

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Gyártó: ELITE

Perfect grip with improved design. A great choice for those who want to match their bike and accessories perfectly. Adjustable elastomer rubber insert for practical adjustment.

The new design simplifies the handling of the bottle and improves its insertion and removal.

- Colored fiber reinforced construction (FRP).
- The elastic part in the front adapts to the circumference of the bottle.
- The clear choice of pro cyclists.

NEW PATENTED DESIGN: the new, patented design optimizes the basket with a firmer grip on the bottle and easier insertion and removal even in extreme conditions conditions.

SELF-ADJUSTING RETENTION SYSTEM: the front elastomer insert adjusts itself to the diameter of the bottle.

TIGHT BOTTLE GRIP: the new design wraps the bottle higher for a firmer grip, making the bottle safer even on fast descents or on rough terrain.

QUICK INSERT AND REMOVAL OF THE BOTTLE: the front elastomer part allows easy and safe insertion and removal of the bottle with a simple movement, so you don't have to take your eyes off the road. The bottle can be inserted and removed either from the front or from the side.

LOW WEIGHT: only 40g. The basket is divided into multiple areas that change depending on the level of tension applied to different areas of the bottle, eliminating unnecessary weight while maintaining strength and safety.

DURABLE: Certified Structured Fiber Reinforced Material (FRP) and weatherproof guarantee a very long life.

TESTED AND DEVELOPED BY THE WORLD'S BEST TEAMS: several years of testing by the world's best teams helped design, test and create a basket that exceeded the expectations of even the most demanding cyclists.

EXCELLENT PROCESSING: precise design, attention to detail and interesting color combinations with new graphics give the CUSTOM RACE PLUS excellent processing and surface treatment that stands out from the competition.

GREAT COMFORT: front elastomer insert it completely dampens the unpleasant vibrations of the bottle and the basket during cycling.

IDEAL FOR COMMON BICYCLES: the design and elegant graphics perfectly complement contemporary bicycles, whether estne or MTB and the basket is also ideal for smaller slanted frames with a smaller central triangle.

WIDE RANGE OF PLACEMENT OPTIONS: the shape of the mounting holes ensures a wide range of placement options. Mount one on the seat tube and one on the down tube and you can carry two bottles at once and be sure you have enough fluids for your ride.

4506 Ft

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